The Horse - Equestrian Beauty

Why do we love horses? I guess we will never know. We don't need to know, the horse was put here for a reason. Whether for transport, or to change lives. The horse is a blessing, and beautiful inside and out.

Mariah & Bebe - Level 2 Freestyle Session

Mariah has been developing Bebe for a year now and he is now in Level 2 Freestyle/Finesse and Level 3 Ground. She had to postpone Level 2 Riding for a while because of his physical condition but now after Hill Therapy, a new Parelli Natural Performer saddle and doing Level 3 ground work he is ready.

Mariah & Sundance - Parelli Level 3 Stage 2 - Offering More

Sundance offering more at Liberty, studying Stage 2 and moving ahead.

Parelli Level 3 Partners - Horsin' Around

Mariah and Sundance horsing around and having fun with each other, a great way to enhance a horse/human relationship is to just spend undemading time with them. "Horses don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care" - Pat Parelli

Equine Encounters

Living your dream, with the ones you love is priceless.

Donkey Party

Mariah and Taco playing at her brothers birthday party 3 years ago.

Hill Therapy Day 2

What does Hill Therapy look like? What does it look like in the early stages? Here is your answer. This is a short clip of Bebe doing Hill Therapy on day 2, still trying to figure out how to use his body on a hill.
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